Self assessments are always good and questions are a great way to take inventory of one’s self! Here’s some questions from a recent Blog by Seth Godin on December 8, 2014 that will be helpful if you dare to ask?! It is always favorable and in good taste to invite a trusted friend into the conversation with you. Keep learning and growing. We are with you in the journey!

What’s next?

What does a good day look like? A good week?

Who do you want to work with?

Who are you trying to please?

What sort of feedback brings you down?

What’s your tolerance for being misunderstood? By whom?

Is it about process or projects?

Which part of the project makes you happy?

At the end of the project, what would you like in return?

What diminishes the work?

How high do the stakes need to be?

How close to the edge do you need to dance? Risk? Resources? Failure?

What will you take? What will you give? Who will you connect?

How much freedom will you sacrifice to get what you want? How much commitment will you promise?

What are you measuring? Smiles, comments, traffic, cash, media response, friends, peers, insiders, outsiders?

Will they miss you when you’re done with this?


Listening To Your Life Speak

This is a resource that can be used for your own personal reflection or share with a group of women.

“We may be little, insignificant servants in the eyes of a world motivated by efficiency, control and success. But when we realize that God has chosen us from all eternity, sent us into the world as the blessed ones, handed us over to suffering, can’t we, then, also trust that our little lives will multiply themselves and be able to fulfill the needs of countless people?”   ― Henri J.M. Nouwen


If the definition of a leader is one who has the courage to make unpopular choices, then the answer is no, you cannot be a wimp and lead.Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a team who disagrees with a decision that has trickled down from leadership?  You have a dilemma:  you can either sit with the team and join in with the whining, or stand up and find the courage to make the unpopular choice.  Hopefully, you’ll choose the latter option, which means guiding your team to get them on board and without mass chaos on your hands.

If you’re wise, you will take the time to talk one-on-one to get individual buy-in. You can explain the bigger picture as to why this decision was made and ask open ended questions to help them see how the decision will truly benefit them as well as the entire organization or ministry.

Next, you can have a candid team conversation and listen to them. Listening isn’t just hearing. You are truly understanding their viewpoints . . . exploring the breadth of their thinking. You extract the inner feelings of your people, especially opposing ones.

Good leaders face countless decisions.

Great leaders understand which ones they need to focus          on and which ones they can delegate.

The Best Leaders know when to make a decision.

Join us tomorrow as we talk with Carrie Turansky, an award-winning author who just finished her book, The Daughter of Highland Hallwhich has themes of finding courage and making difficult choices in the setting of Edwardian England.

We will also hear from Dr. Klaus-Dieter John, a surgeon who studied at the prestigious universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg.  He and his wife, a pediatrician, gave up lucrative careers to follow God’s calling to open a top- notchmedical facility for the poor in Peru.  Their experience is detailed in his book, I Have Seen God: The Miraculous Story of the Diospi Suyana Hospital in PeruWe are so excited to hear Dr. John share how God has moved mountains and overcome bureaucracy and deep rooted skepticism to transform lives!






“We all have a hunger inside for a sense of fulfillment and wonder.”  ~ Laurie Beth Jones  http://gallery.mailchimp.com/bfdeaa1356c279d57dea5e0cc/images/5436c08a-6091-4754-a0d4-23b298126765.jpg

How full is your fulfillment and how wonderful is your wonder?

I (Lisa), being a native of Arizona, have often taken the desert for granted. As a child my family would vacation each summer in the South, and I remember how captivated I was by all the trees and lush greenery. I told myself that I would not live in the desert when I grew up – it was too barren and boring.

Well, life kept me in the desert and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I see the desert landscape now, I see unique desert flora, interesting rock formations and mountains, various colors of greens, reds, and oranges. I now see its unique beauty! I see beyond the sand and rock and cactus. I don’t just glance, I wonder.

To wonder takes time – time to stop, pause, engage and look beyond.  Are you living life with pause time to wonder and ponder? I have been challenged lately with finding rhythm to my day. It is so easy to get up, get going, get gone, and just glance at life. I am realizing the need to create times to stop and wonder, staying curious and engaged. It’s so easy to let life pass by unnoticed.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Have I lost my sense of wonder?
  • What do I need to do to create times to wonder?
  • Do I have a rhythm to my life that allows for these times?
  • On a scale from wonder-less to wonder–full, where do I land?

Without wonder, life will cease to be a joyful adventure.

We have a great show this week!

Laurie Beth Jones is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer. You may recognize a couple of her best sellers, Jesus, CEO and The Path. In her most recent release, Jesus, Career Counselor, Jones defines the big difference between a job, a career, and work.

Also joining our show is Sarah Burnett, who leads with Bloom, a dynamic ministry for Church Planters’ Wives. Her husband, Josh, is the Lead Pastor with Revolution Annapolis Church.

Life is wonder-full!

What’s Your Plan?

Do you have a plan for your values and your goals? (Spiritual, Professional, Personal) This question might seem overdone but we constantly need to be reminded of our values, our vision, our purpose and our plan! The busyness and activities of life can easily get us off track and many times we don’t even realize it.

In talking about having a plan – you must first know what you are planning! This requires times of reflection to determine what matters most to you. If you are like us, it is hard to carve out time to be still and even when physically inactive, our minds are racing and taking scenic journeys. It is a discipline to make the time to reflect and identify just what truly matters and then begin the process of framing it all into a plan of action.

How determined are you to put your plan into place to meet your objectives? On a scale of 1 to 10, if your number is not 9 or 10 for being highly motivated, you are probably not ready to move forward with any real success. What is your number?

We want to leave you with three things to keep in mind when it comes to your PLAN!

  • Be determined.
  • Don’t be vague.
  • Write it down.

By the way, on a scale of 1 to 10 we are at a 10+ for encouraging you to listen to our podcast with our special guest, Debbie Jones, Director of Spouse and Family Support with Stadia. (djones@stadia.cc  | www.stadia.cc) She has put a fantastic plan into place for a dynamic ministry for church planting wives called Bloom. You will be inspired and challenged. We promise!

Highly motivated!

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. Pablo Picasso

Podcast: http://ow.ly/gUxkU


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