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I (Patty) was positively giddy driving home with my daughter, Paris.  It had been a magical day -- gorgeous weather, spring break, and we had dressed up to go see a Broadway production of Cinderella together.  My cheeks were  still sore from smiling and singing along to all of my favorites, including, “In My Own Little Corner”, “A Lovely Night”, and “Impossible.”  We had a BALL continuing the sing-a-long in the car as we raced home before the stroke of midnight! The next day we searched for matching Cinderella sweatshirts to buy to wear to see the Cinderella movie with my sisters and nieces.  I know, we’re a little obsessed.  On the way back from the matinee showing, just when I thought the magic might begin to wear off, we saw a woman pull her car over to the side of the road, jump out, and snap pictures of a bright purple flowering prickly pear cactus.  (Say that fast 5 times!)  Paris and I both looked at each other and started laughing!  How cool that this woman just had to capture it!  There is nothing like a perfect purple prickly pear to transport you into a world of sparkle!  It was a reminder to stop and be consumed by God’s beauty, and to see the day not as it is, but as it could be. We could all use a little dose of magic (or at least a renewed enthusiastic while we clean our house!)  But alas, magic is only for fairytales.  The reality for many of us is lives that are far from feeling magical.  But have courage, Girlfriends.  Though happily ever after may seem so once-upon-a-time, Jesus said that He came so we may have life to the fullest. “Happily-ever-after” starts with HIM!  No glass slipper or fairy godmother needed! Our guest this week, New York Times best-selling author Terri Blackstock , isn’t afraid to tell stories about the messy turns in our lives.  She weaves her faith into her novels, and through them, hopes to remind her readers that they’re not alone, and that their trials have a purpose. Don’t miss it! Podcast: Living Happily-Ever-After in Him,
"Keeping kids out of trouble is more about the dos than the don'ts."  ~ Ann Dunagan