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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. ~Mother Teresa What is the first thing you do in the morning? Honestly, our mornings look more like a mad dash than an intentional ease into the day. What if we began each day with a prayer of availability? "God, how can you use me this day?" What would be different about our day if only we took a few seconds to ask this significant question? We can always come up with excuses of “why” we don’t have time to join God where He is working and why we don’t have the time to share His story. Opportunities are all around us, if we just take the time to be aware. I (Lisa) was on my way recently to a doctor’s appointment. My doctor is of another faith. I wanted to talk about Jesus with her but I did not want to manipulate the conversation. I wanted it to be natural. On the drive to my appointment I prayed and asked God to give me an opportunity that was natural. Funny thing, when you pray and then intentionally look, God provides! We had an amazing conversation (while I was getting a shot) which lead to us each sharing what we believe about Jesus and an agreement to attend each other’s “church”. I left on a high as I got to join God where He was working. Unfortunately, I am not that intentional on a daily basis. Here are a couple of questions to ask ourselves:
  • Do I avoid having conversations about Jesus or do I lean into them?
  • Am I actively looking for opportunities to join God?
Listen in this this week to Girlfriendit Radio with our two Relational Entrepreneurs, Lori Wildenberg and Anne Milam – both authors – both intentional with relationships. Remember, small can be beautiful! Small talk can lead to a relational revolution! Make a dent in your corner and let it BLOOM from there. Looking and listening for opportunities! *This is an encore presentation. If you'd like to listen now, click here!
*** Patty and Lisa are back for a LIVE show this week!  Hurray! Who am I?   Do you ever ask that question? Perhaps a better question might be, “Whose are you?” In Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are, best-selling authors Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke unwrap the ancient truths from God’s Word about what it means to be loved, to be sought after and to be spoken for.  “Our goal is simple,” they write, “We want you to see what happens when you respond to the invitation of the true Bridegroom and step in the center of an epic love story—yours.” In her YouTube video, “Something Every Girl Needs to Hear”, Bethke asks the soul-stirring question: “How different would our lives be if we actually believed that we are loved, wanted, pursued, and cherished?” The video has been viewed more than 140,000 times.   Join us as we have the pleasure of exploring that question with Bethke herself. It is a packed show as we are also joined by another fabulous guest, Julia Roller, author of Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos. Julie guides us in embracing and living intentionally, seeking God and practicing grace amidst our chaotic lives. Great tips! Spoken for... even in the chaos!
We all communicate, but very few people actually connect. Have you ever wondered why certain people flourish in their jobs, organizations or ministries while you might feel stagnant or stuck? Usually the problem is not that what you have to offer is inferior or of less value; the problem is how you connect. How are you connecting and communicating with others to get the results you desire? In John C. Maxwell's book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, John gives five principles and five practices for breaking the invisible barrier to leadership and personal success. He believes that a person's ability to create change and get results in any organization - be it a company, church, nonprofit, or even a family - is directly tied to effective communication. In other words, do your words make a difference? Do you get through to others? Our passion for Girlfriendit is fueled by rallying others to do the remarkable. One way to add value and make an impact on women is through connecting. Connecting can make you or break you. Sure you can do a great job, and yes, you can work hard. But to truly make an impact on others and the kingdom, you need to learn how to really communicate. Listen in as we interview Gillian Marchenko. Gillian writes and speaks to connect with other women about real life motherhood, stumbling faith, Down's syndrome, adoption, grace and a whole lot more. Her writing has been featured in MomSense Magazine, EFCA Today, Gifted for Leadership, Connections Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, and more. Connect with us! *** This summer we will be featuring some of our favorite shows as reruns.  You can listen now here, or at the regular broadcast time.

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